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Smart And Easy Cooking Tips For Beginners

Easy Cooking Tips

Smart and Easy cooking tips for beginners. Not good at cooking? It’s pretty fine. You can also be a good cook by using some sweet and simple cooking tips. Here, we are going to deliver you the Basic smart and easy cooking tips for beginners that will help your cooking easier and time saviour. 

Let’s Check It Out:

1.Go through the recipe at least a twice.

You are thinking that this is the worst trip ever. Everyone suppose to read the recipe before cooking. Yes, definitely but when you find a good recipe, you skip some of the important methods and start cooking. This is what happens to everyone. If you do so, you being deprived of making a good recipe.

2. Never use Olive Oil for high-temperature cooking, Instead, use Peanut Oil or Vegetable Oil

Don’t use butter or olive oil in a hot pan, it will burn quickly, also, might get caught on fire. The reason behind this, is both (olive oil and butter) have low smoke points. Means, they can burn easily. Instead, we can use Vegetable or Peanut Oil of high smoking points.

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3. To remove excess salt from your recipe, through a quartered potato to it, so that it can absorb the excess amount of salt

4. Peel Garlic in a hasslefree way by microwaving it.

Microwave your garlic for nearly 10 seconds. Remove its cover and try to peel it. You’ll notice that garlic slices are steeped out easily from their cover.

5. Remove excess fat from soup with ice cubes.

Drop few ice cubes into your finished soup. After some time, you’ll notice that fat granules will rise where the excess fat has stored on the ice cubes landed. You can easily scoop it from the ice cubes with a spoon.

6. Apply a pinch of salt onto a cutting board while chopping herbs.

Applying a little amount of salt onto cutting board prevents the herbs from sticking to your knife and cutting board.

7. Wet your hands with water to retrieve an eggshell.

It is the easiest way to get eggshell. Just wet your finger with a little water and try to get eggshell. The eggshell piece will be easy to grab with the use of wet hands.

8. To prevent the butter from over-browning in your pan, add a little bit of lemon juice.

Adding a little bit of lemon juice prevents the butter from over-browning in the pan.

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