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Samosa Recipe|How to make Samosa

Samosa Recipe


A Samosa is a fried, savory and delicious snack that is popular not in India but also in other Asian countries. Samosa is basically a potato stuffed deep-fried snack. It is believed that it is originated from the Middle East and brought to India by merchants. In restaurants, it is often served as an appetizer, entree, and snack. Generally, it is consumed with tomato sauce and green chutney.

Samosa Recipe

There are hundreds of ways to make deep-fried Punjabi Samosa recipe, however, the main base of this recipe is filling. Spiced and mashed potatoes are stuffed inside a flour made a cone and then deep fry it in hot oil. Preparing this cone shape can be tricky and can also be overwhelming for many cooks. while the aloo stuffing preparation can take hardly few minutes as it no brainer, but shaping the samosa can take a while to master it. in this recipe post and also in the video, I have dedicated a lot of time explaining the tricks and steps on shaping it.


How to Get the Perfect Samosa Crust

1. Right amount Of Proportion: The amount of oil or fat we using, which we also called moyan should be in the right amount in a samosa recipe dough. Here, we suggested that for every 1 kg of flour we need to add 200 grams of fat. This the perfect amount.

2. Quantity Of Water: Here, kneading is important. The samosa dough has to kneaded to tight and firm. Make sure that the dough should not be soft like roti or chapati. So it is advisable to add less water to the dough.

3. Rolling Samosa Crust: You should carefully roll the crust, make sure that don’t roll the samosa crust too thick otherwise it will take too much time to fry. At the same time, don’t roll the crust too thin otherwise all the fillings come out of it.

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