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Maggi Masala Recipe |Maggi Noodles Recipe

Maggi Masala Recipe, Maggi Noodles Recipe

maggi masala

Masala Maggi Recipe or Maggi Noodles needs no introduction. It is one of the most famous and easy to make recipe which is quite popular across the streets of India and other countries. Needless to say that it is a two-minute noodle but here we are trying to make it more flavourful with loads of masalas and veggies.

Simple Maggi Masala

Simple Maggi can be a little bit boring as it only constitutes the tastemaker (given by Maggi). But here, we have tried to give this recipe a desi touch with some fresh veggies and tadka. From onion to capsicum and even tomatoes, you can add any veggies according to your choice. As we all know that Maggi is loved by the people of all generations, you don’t necessarily think too much while serving it to different age groups. Kids have a special place in their hearts for Maggi. And this innovative way of Maggi will definitely please their tastebuds. It will make your job easier as the veggies get automatically eaten by the kids.

Generally, Maggi is served as an evening snack but you can make it anytime when you feel starve or hungry. Adding a pinch of chaat masala will give this recipe a tangy flavour. If you are expecting some guests at your home and you don’t have any idea what to make in a little time then you should definitely make Maggi Masala Recipe.

Italian Maggi Masala If you’ve grown up in India you’ve probably grown up eating Maggi for a snack! I am such a huge fan of these Instant Noodles that even today I get cravings. Which is weird I know because I’m 30 but somehow you are never too old for Maggi Noodles. And if you’ve grown up eating Maggi you’ve obviously experimented with it. Everyone I know has their favourite way of eating Maggi and I knew I had to share my favourite Maggi recipes with you guys. I mean how can I authentically be a good food blogger if I don’t. Because indulging in Maggi once in a while just feels so good. It’s not the best thing in the world to eat – I admit but it’s like that second slice of chocolate cake that you know you can’t resist.

So first up is my version of an Italian Maggi. Not all of these versions use the Maggi Tastemaker because sometimes we just don’t need it, irrespective of how awesome it is. I use store bought red pasta sauce so that it’s still a five minute recipe and totally doable at home. This one uses mushrooms and olives but go ahead, make this your own! Add some chicken to your Maggi and make it Italian Chicken Maggi or some broccoli. Or do this in white sauce instead of red. Every way possible, Maggi still tastes great!

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