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Bread Upma Recipe |How to make loving Bread Upma

Bread Upma Recipe

Bread Upma is a super quick and the most loved breakfast or snack made at home. It is basically a snack recipe that we can also have it in breakfast. It can be made within 20 minutes. Upma is an Indian breakfast recipe that that is made with semolina or Rava. Bread Upma is a variation of this recipe.

Types of Bread used:

Generally, we preferred brown bread but you can also use white bread. If you are using brown bread then do not skip toasting the bread otherwise it doesn’t taste good. It is served immediately after preparing.

Customize Bread Upma as per your taste:

This super quick recipe can be easily customized as per taste and as per availability of ingredients. Bread Upma tastes best when you cook it to extend that its raw smell goes off . Also to add little more taste cook it till it gets a bit crunchy.

It is one of beat recipe to use your leftover breads along with make it delicious and fresh when serving. Also by adding Green chillies, Onions, Tomatoes, Green peas, some exotic spices along with some tempering and lemon juice add a great flavor to this recipe

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